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Blots 2.2

This plugin generates blots, to obtain nice textures. Note that these textures are seamless .

  • Since the version 2, this plugin proposes three modes :
  • Normal: this mode is the most simple. Blots combine the background colour and the foreground colour.
  • Camouflage: this mode allows to stack blots of differents colours to obtain a "camouflage" texture. The area occupied by each colour, is in term of probability, the same.
  • Gradient: this mode exploits the Gradient Map effect. It works with gradients made by Gradient Smithy plugin.
  • Changelog:
  • version 2.1: UAC related problems fixed for Vista/Win 7 users.
  • version 2.2: A transparency bug accidentally introduced in version 2.1 was fixed.

With the "save file" option, you will be able to collect several interesting textures

Examples: realized in the gradient mode. Preset files of the three examples below are supplied with the plugin .

Water Fire Chrome
  • Description of main controls:
  • Size: set the size of the blots.
  • Size Range: for a better control of the size, specify the range of size you wish to work with.
  • Ratio: relation between the width and height of blots.
  • Hardness: (camouflage and normal mode)
    Increase this parameter so that spots distinguish themselves clearly. However do not abuse of it to avoid aliasing effect.
  • Repartition: (normal mode)
    Control the importance of spots using the foreground colour with regard to spots using the background colour.
  • Color Number: (camouflage mode)
    Number of colours exploited by the camouflage mode. Use + and - buttons to vary this number.
  • Freq: (gradient mode)
    This parametre allows to obtain streaks. The more streaks frequency is important and the more blots size must be increased.
  • Offset: (gradient mode)
    Exactly the same parameter as for the plugin Gradient Smithy. It remains directly accessible.

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