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Curves 2

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The plugin Curves 2, allows to apply a curve with easily controllable shape characteristics. With only three parameters (contrast, brightness, bias) , you can retouch pictures in a breeze. Additionally eight thumbnails allows an intuitive access to eight interesting presets.

New in version 2: Three parameters to control the curve. Invert button and preserve hue option.

Example 1:
If you apply a curve with extreme settings ( here : contrast=60, brightness=-30, bias=35) , some hue shifts can appear. On the right pic below, the orange turns to red. You can prevent this by checking the option "Preserve Hue" (center pic below) .

Original Image
Curve + PH

Example 2:
The button javascript below was obtained by using a texture of "mortar". We were able to obtain two variations of this texture by using curves. Put the cursor over the button to test it.

  • Remarks:
  • Impact of bias setting, depends of the two other parameters.
  • If you apply a curve to a pic, and then you re-apply the "inverse curve" (by using invert button), the original image is theoretically restored (you must take in account rounding errors).

See Also : Equalizer.

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