Free Plugins for Photoshop*
and any compatible software


Which Os are supported ?

  • Microsoft Windows only. Support for Mac is not planned.
  • Support for XP is discontinued. Plugins not tested on Vista.
  • Plugins work with Windows 7 and above.

Are these plugins compatible with the software I use ?

  • All my plugins were intensively tested with Photoshop, to hunt down all the bugs. Besides, they should work correctly with the following applications: Photoshop Elements, Corel PhotoPaint, Paint Shop Pro, Xara Designer, RealWorld Paint, Photofiltre Studio. You can find a non-exhaustive list of compatible hosts, here.

I updated my Os/Software and a plugin stopped to work ....

  • If your host software crash while launching a plugin, try to redownload that plugin. Your might be using an old version.
  • If you switched from a 32 bit to a 64 bit host, check if a 64 bit version of the plugin is not available yet. (Check here) . Otherwise, you can still use a 32 bit plugin host, even if your Os is 64bit.

How to install plugins ?

  • Usually, you just have to copy 8bf plugin files, into the "Plugins" or "Plug-ins" sub folder, inside the retouching software's folder. Restart your application. Plugins will appear in the "Filters" or "Effects" menu. ("Xtras" menu for Fireworks)
  • For Photoshop CC, here's my preferred method. Create a folder named "My Plugs" (for instance) , outside of the Photoshop installation folder. Copy the plugins inside folder "My Plugs". Create a shortcut to the folder "My Plugs" into the desktop. Move that shortcut into the "Plug-ins" sub folder of Photoshop. Restart Photoshop.
  • For PaintShop Pro, I recommend to specify the folder which contains Photoshop plugs. Thus, go to the menu "File", choose "Preferences" and then "File Locations". Select the tab or item concerning plugins, and then press the browse button.

I've got a problem with the downloads!

  • In order to download freewares, you must enable Javascript on your browser.
  • If your connection is slow, you should wait a short time; until the link for download appears. Ignore the message "Javascript, Please!" ; it will be replaced by "Download now!" (if Javascript is really activated).
  • Avoid old browsers. A minimal support of Javascript language is required.

How to add an alpha channel, with Photoshop.

  • In other words, how to activate transparency:
  • Open an image (let's suppose that's jpeg file, to avoid particular cases).
  • Display the layer window.
  • Double-click the layer named "Background".
  • Press the OK button.
  • That's all!