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Fur 2

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The plugin Fur 2, disperse a simple figure (line or circle, configurable dimensions/thickness) over the whole image.

  • Each figure can be filled according to two modes:
  • Solid: The figure is filled with a single color (determinated by the figure's center).
  • 180 deg: Image source content is kept; but rotation of 180 degrees around the figure's center is performed.

Example 1: A quick glance of the effects available ...

Original Image Circle, Solid

Line, Solid Line, 180 deg

Example 2: Here, image's layer was duplicated; and then we worked on the new layer. First we used the plugin Fur 2, with the option "Transparent Background" checked, and a density of 75%. Then we applied a Layer Style (Drop Shadow) within Photoshop.

1 2 3

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