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Grain Natural 2

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Grain Natural 2 allows to generate grains of variable size. This plugin exploits colours already present in the image to achieve a "natural" result. NB : Grain natural is suitable particularly for images with strong contrast.

Example 1: The new version 2 allows to vary size and aspect ratio of grains. Result is aesthetic.

Before After

Example 2: activate option "basic grain", to get a thin grain.

Before After

Notice that this filter does not affect all the colours in the same way. The farthest colours from the neutral grey (on the example above: the wall and the shadow) are the least affected.

  • Description of main controls:
  • Size: set the size of the grains.
  • Strength: intensity of the grains. Even when this parameter is high, details of the image remain recognizable.
  • Ratio: relation between the width and height of grains.
  • Basic Grain: when this option is marked, pixels are processed in an independent way.

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