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Julia World 1.1

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Julia 's curves are a family of mathematical curves (fractals) renowned for their beauties. This plugin is extremely simple : to track down an interesting curve, use the Julia control or press the Random button (that's all !). Besides, it allows endless zooming, to customize colours, and to save settings.

  • New in version 1.1:
  • The plugin now compute smooth colors in the exterior of fractal . This allows nicer results, especially when the Grad Period is decreased.
  • The plugin offers better compatibility for Vista/ Win 7 users, especially when UAC is enabled.
Version 1 Version 1.1

Remark: To reduce aliasing , in example above; we've generated fractal at big size, and then we've downsampled the result.

Use of the Zoom

Press the reset button to restore the default size. Select the zoom in tool (If it is not already made). Make a left click in the preview window, keep the mouse button pressed and slide the cursor. Delimit the zone which interests you and then release. (Illustration below, with the parameter Julia = 866).

Julia 866 Enlargement

To cancel current selection, maintain the mouse pressed and move it outside the preview window. Then, press the X button.

Remark: A much more simple use of the zoom tool consists in clicking directly .

Customize Colors

Julia World proposes colours by default. To modify them, you have to create in advance a gradient with the plugin Gradient Smithy. In the box gradient, choose option Custom and load the gradient with the Load button.

Below, an example of customization:

Default Custom
  • To personalize the gradient application, the plugin proposes also two parameters:
  • Grad Offset: Exactly the same parameter as for the plugin Gradient Smithy. It remains directly accessible.
  • Grad Period: represents the periodicity for which colours are repeated.


All parameters can be saved in a single preset file, including the gradient.

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