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Minute Lut

In layman's terms, the plugin Minute Lut can reproduce many effects that modify colors, regardless of pixels position. You can then create a "library" of effects that you can easily share. In technical terms, this plugin allows to create and manage 36 point 3D LUTs, stored as 24-bit bitmaps (i.e. 8-bits/channels).

Install note

To get a convenient access to five examples, copy the folder settings (provided), in the same folder as the plugin file . The preset Lighter Skin, is an experiment to change the color of skin. Deuteranopia simulates color blindness. Ultra Violet , is a mystery.

Original Image Lighter Skin Amber

Typical Use

We'll illustrate typical use, with an example. The Vibrance adjustement of Photoshop can be reproduced with a Lookup Table, because it just transforms colors.

In the interface of Vibrance command, there's two sliders. Let's focus on the one named Vibrance. If we push it to the max, and try on different pictures, results never look much burned (Wikipedia explanation of a burned image).

Now, open in Photoshop, the picture "reference.bmp". It is provided, but it can also be generated by pressing the Reference button of Minute Lut. Then apply maximal Vibrance, to that reference pic (maximum is ok, since it doesn't burn pic).

Reference Pic Vibrance = 100

Now we save the result. Here's a first method. Launch the plugin Minute Lut. Use the button Save As that appears. Save in the default location, and name your bitmap "Vibrance.bmp" (or any evocative name). The entry Vibrance, becomes accessible in the preset list.

Second method. Save the result in bitmap format with 24-bit depth, in Photoshop. Now launch the plugin Minute Lut. Press the Prest Folder button. A folder is opened, move your bitmap inside. Press the button Reset to refresh the list.

Blending & Extrapolating

Let's continue, with Vibrance preset, of previous example. We can modulate the amount of Vibrance with the Blend slider. With a setting above 100, the plugin is extrapolating, and the effect is strengthened. The plugin is also extrapolating, if you check the option Opposite Effect, with negative blend values.

Original Image Blend=150 Opposite Effect

Remaining Options

Many apps handle 3D Luts, in particular the "cube" format. The Export button allows to save a 3D Lut in cube format, but the Blend setting is discarded.

Bmp presets can be loaded either from the "preset list", or with the Load button. Using the Load button, overwrite the preset named "Last Load".

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