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The plugin Projection provides a collection of interactive perspective effects: ability to tile image in infinite space (copy or mirror mode), or to repeat edges ...
Bonus: the unusual "Bilinear Distortion".

The 3D effect can be reached simply by moving the corners of the image (in the preview window). Warning: Each time you perform this kind of operation you should press just after the button . (Otherwise quality of the preview is "draft" and is not representative of the final output).

Example 1: Here we used the mode "copy tiling". Despite the quality of the final result, the picture is processed rather fast.


Example 2: effect "repeat edges" is a true enjoyment. Notice how rays focus on the center.


Example 3: Here we checked option "Bilinear Distortion". Is it a gadget or much more ? A thing is sure: i'm still playing with it!


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