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Vibrations 1.1

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This plugin proposes two different methods ("Levels" and "Lines") to create kind of streaks. Two processes tend naturally to provoke the appearance of noise, as soon as frequency of streaks is important. That's why we introduced an internal blur (realized with floating values !) in order to ensure a perfect smoothing.

  • New in the version 1.1:
  • Added the gaussian blur .
  • The number of color pickers is 4 (before 3).

Example 1: Here is a comparison of the gaussian blur with the average blur. The gaussian blur allows to obtain harmonious and round forms while the average blur produces jagged forms.

Original Image Average Gaussian

Example 2: Here is a comparison of methods "Levels" and "Lines":

Original Image Levels Lines
  • Description of main controls:
  • Freq: frequency, amount of streaks.
  • Blur: required to ensure a perfect smoothing.
  • Offset: shifts streaks.
  • Drift: ("lines" method) controls lines distortion.
  • Angle: ("lines" method) controls lines orientation.
  • Sat: (Iridescence option) color saturation for the "Iridescence" effect .
  • Colors: (Iridescence option) choice of colours for the "Iridescence" effect .

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