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Drupal 6- Cpg 1.5x bridge

Last times files updated: 15 July 2010. Misc fix.

This bridge allow user integration/visual integration , and work simarly to the one for Joomla with few differences ...


1- Install Drupal Module:

Copy the module named cpg (subfolder of modules) into the folder sites/all/modules of your drupal install. Now activate module in drupal backend. Give the permission access cpg to authenticated users and anonymous users (unless you want to restrict access to gallery to registered user).

2- Install & enable bridge
Take the file , and copy it in the bridge folder of your gallery. Now, enable the bridge from Coppermine. Go to Coppermine's Bridge Manager and then just follow the Bridge Wizard. You may hesitate for the option "Use post-based groups?". Answering "yes" means that each Drupal Role will be handled by Coppermine as a different user group; whereas answering "no" means you'll manage standard Coppermine groups (default Coppermine's group). Notice that the bridge provide admin rights only if the user have the permission administer cpg , that you set on Drupal's backend.

Note: Click at least once on user/groups Coppermine menu. That seems to fix an unexpected bug.

3- Enabling visual integration
You can skip this step of course if your not interested by visual integration.

Important Note: Some warnings might occurs during the execution of Coppermine, and then they are displayed by Drupal. On way to stop them from being displayed, is to go to admin/settings/error-reporting menu of drupal, and disable the display of errors.

Go to Coppermine's Plugin Manager. Install the plugin .

After integration of Coppermine inside your Drupal's Template, you may have noticed some CSS related problems. If you put a second stylesheet named style2.css , inside the folder of your current Coppermine's theme, the bridge will detect the new css stylesheet and use it instead of the default one i.e style.css. Thus, better use a second style2.css to perform all necessary modifications; this way the original file style.css will remain intact and available if you unbridge. The CSS Integrator page allows to perform automatically all essential CSS fix. Just browse and indicate your style.css file, submit, rename the processed file into style2.css, and then put it in your theme folder. Note:style2.css for the Curve theme already provided.

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