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FAQ: Bridge Joom-Cpg

Last update :
12 july 2010

I get an almost blank content with only {COPPERMINE_TEMPLATE_HTML}.

Normally the bridge retrieve the output from Joomla, and replace the tag {COPPERMINE_TEMPLATE_HTML} by Coppermine's output. That's why I ask to not link to the Coppermine component. Instead, directly link to your Coppermine's install. Inside Joomla's backend, while creating a new menu item for Coppermine, select option named named "External link" . Then just provide full url. Please end your full url with a slash /, when that's possible. (Examples: http://mysite/mysript/ or http://mysite/mysript/index.php)

Does the bridge use Joomla's Wrapper ? Should I use Joomla's wrapper ?

Answer is no for both questions. The bridge automatically integrates Coppermine inside your Joomla template without using any iframe.

I just want my gallery to be visually integrated inside Joomla's template. I'm not interested by user integration.

Sorry, but this would complicate support for the bridge a bit, and there's no potential advantages in doing so: you won't be able to use an alternative bridge with Joomla for "user integration". Short answer is No.

How can I set different modules to be shown with my Coppermine gallery? How I can assign a different template ? Menu item is not highlighted ! etc ....

Under Joomla, each menu item is identified by an unique "Item Identifier". Let's say you've created a link to your gallery under the "Main Menu". Then in your administration panel, go to the Menu Manager of mainmenu (i.e "Menu/mainmenu"). You'll see a column called Itemid, so just copy the Itemid corresponding to the menu item for your gallery. Now edit the file and look for the line that begins with:
Replace the number after the = symbol by your actual "Item Id".
Remark: The trick works for a single menu item.

When you follow the Coppermine Bridge Wizard there are questions that come up. What is , " Forum URL: Full URL of your BBS app" ? Which forum ? What is BBS ?

It's a bit confusing, but Coppermine consider in the "bridge wizard" that all applications bridged are board. Thus from the point of view of Coppermine, it is Joomla the board. So full forum url is in fact url to your Joomla website. BBS means "Bulletin Board System" and we don't care.

I can login in Joomla but not in Coppermine. What's wrong ?

Host/domain for the url you configured Joomla must be equal to
host/domain for the url you configured the Gallery must be equal to
host/domain for the url you configured the Bridge.

I mean by "host", the main part of the url, including the subdomain. For instance: corresponds to the host , while corresponds to the host
Presence or not of the subdomain www, makes a difference.

  • In other words check these three settings:
  • $mosConfig_live_site in the configuration file of Joomla 1.0x. In the case of Joomla 1.5, there isn't such setting; however take in consideration the url you usually type to access your Joomla website.
  • Host you use for your Coppermine's install.You can quickly unbridge Coppermine, login as a Coppermine administrator, then click on Config button, then look in "General Settings", and then look for " URL of your coppermine gallery folder".
  • Host you use in bridge settings. You can relaunch again the bridge wizard and then check your "Forum URL" setting.

Moreover you should check the link you use to point to your gallery from your site's menu. Please end your url with a slash /, when that's possible. (Examples: http://mysite/mysript/ or http://mysite/mysript/index.php).

Notes: if your problem persist then try to clean your browser cookies.
If it still persists then try to use the subdomain www as a reference.

The bridge seems to work (I can login in Joomla & Coppermine) . But I observe dysfunctions; especially I get this typical error : There was an error while processing a database query.

The bridge might not be compatible with some Coppermine mods/plugins. Installing Joomla & Coppermine in the same database before bridging might help ... Please try the bridge with a "clean" Coppermine install (i.e no mods/plugins) , if you are unsure about the origin of the issue.

How to disable the bridge ? I can't get back in Coppermine.

Go directly to the page bridgemgr.php , and login ...

Xp_publish and bridge don't work

Sorry but the bridging logic I use, doesn't allow this.

I can't see the link to upload files...

Login as an admin then go to "groups" tab, and give permissions to registered users.

When bridged all albums are not associated with the user. The owner of the album appears to be Mr. X. What to do?

Coppermine consider Joomla's users different from the old ones (i.e. those previously registered in Coppermine without the bridge) ; even if their username stayed the same. The only way to avoid this issue is to perform a fresh install or not use "personal gallery" functionality at all. You might get a better suggestion from official Coppermine support forum.

Where can I set the width of the template ...

I suggest that you login into Coppermine as an administrator, select Config, then choose "image view/ width of table..." . Otherwise you'll probably have to play with the CSS of Coppermine and Joomla templates.

Does this bridge works in conjuction with SMF bridge ? What about the "X" bridge ?

Not tested yet. No feedback about this yet. You probably have to apply fix similar to the old ones described for CB. Off course login/registration/profile links are again different. Same answer for any unknown bridge that affects the standard behavior of Joomla.

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