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CSS Integrator

You cannot run anymore the CSS Integrator script on this server. However, you can still grab a copy of the script that was previously hosted here, and do whatever you want with it:


Integrated content As soon as you integrate any content (e.g a php script) into a more global template, some "CSS conflicts" might occurs. By using "descendant selectors" rules in the CSS of the "integrated content", we can ensure that the design of the global template won't be affected. This online script allow to quickly fix the CSS of the "integrated content" for you. Specify a class or id selector (by default .mainCell), and a "descendant rule" will be systematically applied to all the rules in your css.

Note: This "online script" was made in the context to provide a "quick help" for the Joomla-Coppermine Bridge and Joomla-Phpbb bridge (using .mainCell default selector). But you can also use it in other contexts; in the header of your page, just don't forget to put the css of the integrated content after the css of the global template.

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