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FAQ: Bridge J 1.5-Phpbb 3

Updated: 16 may 2009

I get a Parse Error after installing the bridge.

It seems you are running an old version of PHP (most likely PHP4). Lot of host are offering the option to switch from php4 to php5. Ask your host provider if that's not possible (or change your host provider, because php5 will become more and more unavoidable).

You can check what is the php version you are currently using by going to  joomla's backend, then system info, then php information.

I get an almost blank content with only {PHPBB_BODY_HTML}.

Normally the bridge retrieve the output from Joomla, and replace the tag {PHPBB_BODY_HTML} by Phpbb's output. That's why I ask to not link to Phpbb as a component. Instead, directly link to Phpbb's folder. Inside Joomla's backend, while creating a new menu item, select option "External Link". Just provide full url to your forum then ....

Does the bridge use Joomla's Wrapper ? Should I use Joomla's wrapper ?

Answer is no for both questions. The bridge automatically integrates Phpbb inside your Joomla template without using any iframe.

How can I set different modules to be shown with my phpbb forum? How I can assign a different template ? Menu item is not highlighted ! etc ....

Under Joomla, each menu item is identified by an unique "Item Identifier". Let's say you've created a link to your forum under the "Main Menu". Then in your administration panel, go to the Menu Manager of mainmenu (i.e "Menu/mainmenu"). You'll see a column called Itemid, so just copy the Itemid corresponding to the menu item for your forum. Now edit the file joomphpbb_conf2.php. Look for the line:
Replace the value 0 by your actual Itemid.
Remark: The trick works for a single menu item.

I get a 403 error , when using quickmerge2.php script

Ensure you didn't put your Joomla website "offline" for maintenance, or that you didn't disable user registration for Joomla. The quickmerge2.php script just automate the work done by tthe joomla registration page, but for a lot of users. Hence, people should be able to register in Joomla while you use the quickmerge2.php script.

I'm logged in Joomla but not in Phpbb. What's wrong ?

If you used for instance url to login in Joomla, then you won't be logged if you visit url (no www). In a similar way, if you used a particlar url to login in Joomla, then you must use same domain/subdomain in the url you use to visit the forum, in order to appear logged.

I get the error " Infinite login loop intercepted"

You get this error when user integration is enabled, you are logged in Joomla, but the bridge fail to perform automatic login in Phpbb. There can be multiple reason for this. The most trivial reason is that you didn't create joomphpbb_bridge table under Phpbb's database. An other trivial reason would be that you didn't enable the authentication method named "Joomla15" in Phpbb's backend.

Each time I try to login in Phpbb's Administration panel, I get the error : "You have specified an incorrect password".

Only Phpbb administrators need to authenticate themselves under Phpbb to access admin panel. However, even if user integration is enabled, passwords can be different in Joomla side and Phpbb side. If your Phpbb account was already present before you've enabled user integration, then just use the same Phpbb password as before. If your Phpbb account was automatically created by the bridge, then the Phpbb password is random. Correct it by using an other Phpbb admin account for instance.

I've disabled user integration or completly removed bridge. But I can't login anymore to a Phpbb account.

Use the "I forgot my password" feature of Phpbb to correct password.

How Phpbb's users and Joomla users are bound ?

Roughly, when a logged Joomla user visit the forum for the first time, the bridge check if there's no Phpbb user with exactly the same username. If the bridge find one, then such Phpbb user is definitely bound to the Joomla user. If it doesn't find, then a new Phpbb user is created, and then such user is again definitely bound to the Joomla user. You can track how Phpbb users are bound to Joomla users inside the joomphpbb_bridge table.

My Joomla website doesn't work any more as expected. I got a problem on login page, registration page etc ....

Unless you visit a Phpbb page, the bridge doesn't affect your Joomla Install in any way. Thus this bridge is not responsible of any problem you might get with registration page, login page etc... Hint: Maybe you didn't uninstall properly an other forum bridge, before testing this one.

Does the bridge works with the mod "X" ?

Probably ... Just understand hack section.

I've already installed the bridge, how do I add the mod "X" ?

Instead of editing file index.php you edit inc_index.php
instead of editing file faq.php you edit inc_faq.php and so on ...
If your mod introduce new files that are in your phpbb root, they should be processed ...

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