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Last times explanations updated : 8 September 2006. Added "logout link".
Sorry but the explanations need to be adapted for the case of Cpg - Joomla 1.5 bridge.

What is required for my two bridges (Coppermine & Phpbb) to work in conjunction with CB ?
Let me give you a clue.

First hint:

The Login Form should correspond to the one provided with CB.
While the big Login Page you see (with the red cross) correspond to the core login component of Joomla (com_login) ; and this one doesn't work in conjunction with CB.

Each time the bridges require a log-in action, the user is redirected to Joomla's core login page by default . But, you can change the page the user is redirected too. You may ask : "I'd like to be redirected to the login component of CB". Sorry, CB doesn't provide such component. You can read the thread here.

So how can I change such link ?
For Coppermine edit file, while for Phpbb edit file joomphpbb_engine.php .
Look for the string:
And then replace it in accordance to the page you wish.

That's not everything !
Replace the registration page , core link:
by the CB's one:

Now replace the "edit user profile" link, from the core Joomla:
by the CB's one:

Now for the logout link, replace the line:
$target = "/index.php?option=logout&return=" . $scriptRel . "/index.php";
by this one:
$target = "/index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=logout";
You can also remove the login/logout link from your script's template.

That's all folks.

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