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FAQ: Bridge Joom-Phpbb

Last update : 6 Februray 2008

I get an almost blank content with only {PHPBB_BODY_HTML}.

Normally the bridge retrieve the output from Joomla, and replace the tag {PHPBB_BODY_HTML} by Phpbb's output. That's why I ask to not link to Phpbb as a component. Instead, directly link to Phpbb's folder. Inside Joomla's backend, while creating a new menu item, select option "Link-Url" inside Links "menu type". Just provide full url then .... Please end your url with a slash /, when that's possible. (Examples: http://mysite/mysript/ or http://mysite/mysript/index.php)

Does the bridge use Joomla's Wrapper ? Should I use Joomla's wrapper ?

Answer is no for both questions. The bridge automatically integrates Phpbb inside your Joomla template without using any iframe.

I don't want to integrate my forum inside my Joomla's template!

Edit your joomphpbb_conf.php file and set variable $joomIntegrate to false.

I just want my forum to be visually integrated inside Joomla's template. I'm not interested by user integration.

Not implemented yet. Maybe in the future.

How can I set different modules to be shown with my phpbb forum? How I can assign a different template ? Menu item is not highlighted ! etc ....

Under Joomla, each menu item is identified by an unique "Item Identifier". Let's say you've created a link to your forum under the "Main Menu". Then in your administration panel, go to the Menu Manager of mainmenu (i.e "Menu/mainmenu"). You'll see a column called Itemid, so just copy the Itemid corresponding to the menu item for your forum. Now edit the file joomphpbb_engine.php. Look for the line :
Replace the number 88888888 by your actual "Item Id".
Remark: The trick works for a single menu item.

I can login in Joomla but not in Phpbb. What's wrong ?

Host/domain for the url you configured Joomla must be equal to
host/domain for the url you configured the Forum must be equal to
host/domain for the url you configured the Bridge.

I mean by "host", the main part of the url, including the subdomain. For instance: corresponds to the host , while corresponds to the host
Presence or not of the subdomain www, makes a difference.

  • In other words check these three settings:
  • $mosConfig_live_site in the configuration file of Joomla. (Remark: this setting will disappear in future Joomla versions i.e. 1.5x + )
  • Host you use for your Phpbb's install. If your forum is already bridged, edit your forum's database with Phpmyadmin, look for the table: php_config. Now look for the row where config_name has the value server_name. In this row, ensure that config_value is properly set. If your forum is unbridged, then you can directly modify the setting Domain Name, from "General Configuration" inside your Phpbb's admin panel.
  • Host you use in bridge settings. Open the file joomphpbb_conf.php and check the setting $joomUrl.

Moreover you should check the link you use to point to your forum from your site's menu. Please end your url with a slash /, when that's possible. (Examples: http://mysite/mysript/ or http://mysite/mysript/index.php).

Notes: if your problem persist then try to clean your browser cookies.
If it still persists then try to use the subdomain www as a reference.

Each time I try to login I get the error: "You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password."

You didn't hack login.php file before processing it. You can also, after processing, hack inc_login.php instead.

Where my Phpbb's Administration Panel is gone ? Each time I try to access to it, I'm redirected to the main forum page.

First does your current Phpbb user has admin rights ? If so, you should see the link "Go to Administration Panel" at the bottom of your forum.
Please notice, that the password asked now, is the one stored in your Phpbb profile.
A problem appears from times to times with Internet Explorer.
Try to clean your browser cache and also your cookies.
If the problem persists, then I suggest that you use Firefox instead.
No problem has been observed with Firefox yet.

Each time I try to login in phpbb's Administration panel, I get the error "You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password"

If a user was already existing in phpbb before bridging, you shouldn't encounter such problem. Since Joomla 1.0.13, passwords are salted; and all user accounts created after bridging in the Phpbb side, ends up with an unusable password. For a typical phpbb user, that's not a problem (i.e no need to access to Admininistration panel). However, for an admin phpbb user, access to the panel might be refused because of an unusable password.

  • Here are the possible solutions:
  • Usually the main user with username "admin" can access to phpbb Administration panel. From that panel, you can change the password for any other phpbb admin user. Just provide them the new password, so that they can access to the panel. They can afterward change the phpbb password again.
  • You can hack the inc_login.php file, so that any "wrong" password to access phpbb admin panel is accepted. For maximum security, modify the password from the panel, and then cancel the hack. Here's the hack:
    In the file inc_login.php replace the line :
    by this code:
    if(true || $checkPasswordTest)

When a user register inside Joomla, I don't see any additional entry in phpbb_user table. Why ?

A new user is created in the phpbb_users table , only after the user is logged into Joomla and visit the forum. If the user has never visited the forum (being logged in Joomla) , then no corresponding Phpbb account would be created.

How Phpbb's users and Joomla users are bound ?

Roughly, when a logged Joomla user visit the forum for the first time, the bridge check if there's no Phpbb user with exactly the same username. If the bridge find one, then such Phpbb user is definitely bound to the Joomla user. If it doesn't find, then a new Phpbb user is created, and then such user is again definitely bound to the Joomla user. You can track how Phpbb users are bound to Joomla users inside the joomphpbb_bridge table.

My Joomla website doesn't work any more as expected. I got a problem on login page, registration page etc ....

Unless you visit a Phpbb page, the bridge doesn't affect your Joomla Install in any way. Thus this bridge is not responsible of any problem you might get with registration page, login page etc... Hint: Maybe you didn't uninstall properly an other forum bridge, before testing this one.

Does the bridge works with the mod "X" ?

Short Answer: Most of the time Yes.
Long Answer: As long as the mod doesn't affect the way users are stored in Phpbb database, I think it's ok. Don't forget to use the quickprocess.bat file... Or modify all files manually. If there's new files introduced by the mod, then they might need to be processed too...
Concerning Categorie Hierarchy; I'm sorry but I got an unclear, mixed, feedback concerning the results. Try at your own risks.

I've already installed the bridge, how do I add the mod "X" ?

Instead of editing file login.php you edit inc_login.php
instead of editing file faq.php you edit inc_faq.php
and so on ...
If your mod introduce new files that are in your phpbb root, they should be processed ...

I have a huge amount of phpbb registered user ... Can I still use the bridge ?

The basic script quickmerge.php provided in order to merge Php users into Joomla's user table, might no be enough for a huge Phpbb user table (more than 10 000 registered users). Problem comes from execution time of the script.
Also please read, the section "How Phpbb's users and Joomla users are bound ?" . There might be a problem for some users, if they change their Joomla's username before visiting the forum for the first time.

I see weird characters! What about utf-8 support ?

Both of your installs, Joomla and Phpbb must be adapted to work properly with utf8.
For Joomla see here, for Phpbb see here.

I get the SQL Error, ' joomphpbb_bridge' doesn't exist. I don't have a clue about how to use the provided SQL file.

Inside phpmyadmin, select the forum's database, click on the SQL tab, copy content of file joomphpbb.sql, paste the query inside the dedicated field and then press the button "go" to execute the query.
If you are not satisfied by this quick explanation you might take a look at official phpmyadmin website.

The bridge doesn't work with define ( 'RG_EMULATION', 0 ) !

21 July 2006, Bug fix : If you are experiencing problems when doing
define( 'RG_EMULATION', 0 );
then redownload that bridge and replace the file joomphpbb_engine.php by the new one.

Unfortunately, in rare cases, the problem resist to the fix. Reasons remain undetermined.

I got the error this "Page cannot be displayed" or "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.etc ...".

7 June 2006, Bug Fix: If you already installed the bridge before, please update the file joomphpbb_engine.php and then run the script checkassoc.php from your forum's root.

Only when I login, a blank page appears ... (randomly or always)

1 November 2006, workaround for the bug 24420 found in some php installs ( getcwd() returns random results in a callback ) . If you are suffering from the "white page syndrom" when you login (although gzip compression is disabled in Joomla and Phpbb), then redownload that bridge and replace the file joomphpbb_engine.php by the new one.

After a server upgrade to php 5.2 or more, I was getting blank pages, while not before.

3 December 2006. An annoying "optimisation" was introduced in php 5.2 : "Objects with refcount=1 are destroyed before flushing the output buffers" .To bypass the problem, redownload the bridge and replace the file joomphpbb_engine.php by the new one.

Unfortunately, I'm not sent back to Phpbb after logging in, but the Joomla homepage appears.

The current core Joomla login component lack in redirection support. However if you insist, there's a hack described in the "regular hacks page" (see the last hack).

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