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Color Megamix 1.1

Color MegaMix 1.1 modifies the colors of any image. It is based on two rows of colors: 8 source colors and 8 target colors. According to these data, the plugin reconstructs completely the color space.

New in version 1.1: the internal out of gamut clipping method V1 has been replaced by the new method "Recommend V2" featured by HSL Plus 1.1. So you might get slightly different results when clipping occurs. Also right click has been disabled on preview to avoid unsolved bug.

  • Typical use:
  • to choose a column use radio buttons.
  • to define a source color use the eyedropper.
  • to define the target color use R/G/B or H/S/B controls.

One of the difficulties you might encounter, is that you can't set randomly source colors. Indeed the plugin has to resolve a system of equations, and if this system has no solution a warning is shown. Click the cross button to return to the last valid system.

Example 1: Obtaining weird color effects is quite easy.

Before After

To facilitate the use of the plugin , you can make quick saves. Click the right button to save, and on the left one to restore. Each radio button corresponds to a different save.

Retouching an image is a delicate operation. Here, the eyedropper is required. Be careful, the choice of the column is not harmless! Indeed, every time you define a new source color, you have to give up an other one. And the new source color has to be the closest possible to the previous one (for a reliable retouch). For example, if you want to work with the orange source color, you have to give up either the red, or the yellow; and this choice is not indifferent!

Example 2: realize unique retouch.

Before After

In principle, every time you click with the eyedropper in the preview window, you do not observe any change. In fact, the eyedropper retrieve at the same time the source color and the target color. The plugin resolves a system of equations, reaches a solution close to the previous one; this leads to no visible change. Sometimes, the usage of the eyedropper is refused ; 'cause the target color is "out of gamut", it can't be retrieved.

See also: Contrast Balance.

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