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Seamless Border 2

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This plugin allows to make any image seamless. (No discontinuities when image is repeated several times).

  • Since the Version 2 , this plugin offers 3 Join Mode:
  • Compact : Seamless transition is deduced by overlapping borders of two successive tiles, and blending them in a linear way. Advantage: usually, provide the best apparent continuity between tiles. Disadvantage: size of the ending tile vary with the "Border Size" setting, and you have to crop the result manually.
  • Stretch: Unlike "Compact Mode", tiles are first extended by stretching borders.
  • Mirror: Unlike "Compact Mode", tiles are first extended by using symmetries. Note: this is the mode used by Version 1 .

Example: From top to bottom : original tile, and then respectively the three Join Mode: Compact, Stretch, Mirror (Tile direction= Horizontal & Border Size= 50).


  • Advices:
  • First, check option "Offset XY 50 %"; then adjust the size of the transition until you are satisfied with the result. Finally uncheck option "Offset XY 50 %".
  • With Photoshop, it's better to apply "Compact mode" to a layer with transparency enabled ("Transp" option checked). Then do "Ctrl + click" on the layer to quickly select the tile. And then from the menu, do "Image/Crop".

  • Description of main controls:
  • Size Range: for a better control of the "border size" parameter, specify the range of size you wish to work with.
  • Border Size: size in pixel of the transition used at the border of the image.
  • Tile Direction: If a tiling is already continuous in the vertical direction, then why introduce a useless blur in that direction? If so, choose horizontal direction etc....
  • Join Mode: Algorithm that generates the seamless transition.
  • Offset XY 50 %: I added this option only to make quickly a test. However, if you leave the option checked, offset stays in the final output. Remark: in a html page, if you want to customize the vertical or horizontal offset, do not forget that you can use style sheets.
  • Opposite Sides: With Compact Mode, and Offset XY 50% unchecked, transitions are distributed on a single side of the tile. Move them from position top-left to bottom-right by checking this option.

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