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Contrast Balance 1.1

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Imagine, the traditional filter luminosity/contrast, decomposed into four balances constant/contrast, resting on the following four oppositions: white-black, red-cyan, green-magenta, blue-yellow. You obtain a powerful tool, allowing to adjust colours and contrast. Whether it is to obtain artistic effects, or to retouch an image, you will adopt very quickly this plugin !

New in version 1.1: the internal out of gamut clipping method V1 has been replaced by the new method "Recommend V2" featured by HSL Plus 1.1. So you might get slightly different results when clipping occurs.

Example 1 : Parameters are:

constant contrast
opposition black-white 20 13
opposition red-cyan 0 0
opposition green-magenta 0 0
opposition blue-yellow 0 40

Before After

Example 2: Parameters are:

constant contrast
opposition black-white 50 37
opposition red-cyan -75 40
opposition green-magenta 25 -46
opposition blue-yellow 77 -51

Before After

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