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HSL Plus 2

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  • HSL Plus 2 is similar to the traditional hue/saturation/luminosity balance, but with some "Plus":
  • A better colour integrity, especially for the luminosity.
  • A better control of the luminosity, notably the possibility of modifying contrast.
  • You can adjust separately chroma components.
  • The possibility of making an automatic contrast (due to the Auto button) then of re-adjusting.
  • Five Out of Gamut Clipping methods (click here for explanations).
  • Changelog:
  • Version 1.1: Added a new clipping method (renamed "Non-Linear CR.").
  • Version 2: One more clipping method (named "Median Correction") . More flexibility with saturation control. Added 64 bit support.

Example 1. From left to right : on second image the hue was shifted by -60 deg. On third image, we've done the same hue chnage, but then removed the saturation related to Purple. For this, we checked the option "Alt. Colors", then we selected option"PLE", and reduced the saturation to -100.

Original image Hue Modified Hue & Sat. Modified

Example 2: Here we pressed the Auto button , then set the saturation to level 50.

Before After
  • About Saturation Control:
  • You can adjust separately four "saturations", associated to four hues: Magenta (MAG) , Yellow (YEL), Green (GRN) , Blue (BLU). Actually, these four settings, modify intermediaries hues (between MAG and YEL, beetween YEL and GRN etc...).
  • The hue of all colors is preseved if you change these four "saturations" in the same way. Instead use the ALL option.
  • You can play with four different hues, by checking the option "Alt. Colors" : Purple (PLE), Orange (ORG),Green (GRN) , Blue (BLU).

See Also: Color Megamix and Absolute Colors.

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Files Modified: 5 february 2017