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Wavy Lab 1.1

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Wavy Lab offers numerous possibilities, distributed according to the Style and the Mode .

  • If it is the first time that you use this plugin, then an overview of all its possibilities is available here. Now, i would like to insist on what's new in version 1.1, i.e:
  • A great improvement of "displace" and "tiles" modes ("undersampling" fixed).
  • Normal mode supports up to 4 colours.

Example 1: Note the improvement of the mode "displace" in the last version. (The same parameters were applied).

Original Image Version 1 Version 1.1

Example 2: Here, a new comparison with the mode "Tiles".

Original Image Version 1 Version 1.1

Example 3: Now "normal" mode supports up to 4 colours. It means much more fun.
The rainbow below was obtained with the following colours:

  • Description of main controls:
  • Freq: frequency, amount of "streaks".
  • Angle: to turn the figure.
  • Deviation: (radial style) changes spiral aspect. When frequency is low, this parameter varies abruptly the figure .
  • Offset: shifts "streaks".
  • Curvature: (bow style) changes bow aspect.
  • Amount: (displace mode) warping intensity. The greatest displacement is 128 pixels.
  • Direction: (mode displace) displacement orientation.

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